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Members, welcome to the GHCF 2021 AGM!  
Our AGM is again being held remotly this year using email because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  With over 500 members, we feel that having the meeting by email will be a good way of reaching as many of you as possible. We hope you agree. We will be most interested in receiving your comments on how well the process worked, and any suggestions you may have for future electronic AGMs.  Please email your comments, or any questions you might have, using the "Ask a question" button below.

You may review the slides for the entire AGM by clicking on the "All 2021 Sides" button below, or you may review any of the individual presentations set out below. For those that wish to print the slides, the Printer friendly version reduces the number of pages substantially,

The deadline for questions is November 14, and for voting is November 23, both at 4:00 PM.

By clicking the "Vote here" button here, or at the bottom of this page, you will be presented with a ballot whereon you may vote on various issues  Please do that. Please note that if two or more members share the same email address so received just one AGM announcement (because of a MailChimp restriction) all members may still vote seperatelly.

President's report

GHCF's President, Chuck Connor, outlines GHCF's role on Gabriola and recent GHCF events.

Health Services Committee

Vicky Scott, chair, and members Dave Innell, Nancy Hetherington Peirce, Lynn Young and Kim Lister . In the slides Vicky discusses the numerous activities of the committee since the last AGM.

Recruiting and Retention

Dr. Don Sutherland and Kim Lister

Treasurer's report
Nominations Committee
Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes

When voting, those members that participated in the 2020 electrinic AGM will be asked to vote to approve or reject the 2020 AGM minutes.

Please vote!

To Vote, please click on the "Vote here!" button to be taken to your electronic ballot.  Vote on the motions presented, or abstain if you wish, then click Submit.

Thank you for participating in our electronic AGM.